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Highlight 107154Initial CPD 1 Mililani Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107150UPDATE Attempted Murder 2nd Keeaumoku Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107148Initial TT 1 Ward Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107146Initial Assault 2 Iwilei 2024-06-19
Highlight 107144Initial Arson 1 Ala Moana Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107142Initial Assault 2 Waikiki Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107140Initial Unattended Death Nanakuli Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107139Initial UCPV 1st Kalihi Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107134UPDATE Abuse < 14 Yr. Old Sunset Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107129Initial Robbery 1 Nanakuli area 2024-06-18
Highlight 107126Initial Sex Assault 2 Honolulu Area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107125Initial Robbery 1 Waipahu 2024-06-18
Highlight 107113Initial Unattended Death Kalihi Area 2024-06-18
Highlight 107109UPDATE Abuse-Strangulation Waianae area 2024-06-19
Highlight 107108Initial Sex Assault 2 Makaha area 2024-06-18
Highlight 107099Initial Robbery 1 Downtown Area 2024-06-17
Highlight 107098Initial Unattended Death Wahiawa area 2024-06-17
Highlight 107097Initial Unattended Death Kalihi Area 2024-06-17
Highlight 107090UPDATE Theft 4 Honolulu Area 2024-06-18
Highlight 107085Initial UCPV 1st Honolulu Area 2024-06-17
Highlight 107084UPDATE Abuse-Strangulation Pearl City Area 2024-06-18
Highlight 107078Initial Assault LEO 1 Waikiki Area 2024-06-17
Highlight 107069UPDATE Assault 2 Pearl City Area 2024-06-18